Mama, you deserve more support

Our Registered Nurses will care for you in the comfort of your home after your delivery. All you have to do is schedule your first visit with us. Don’t worry, our RNs will get to know you by reviewing your medical records beforehand. Rest assured that they’ll consult with your OB provider if they have any questions. We believe ongoing care is needed to optimize the mother’s physical, social and psychological well-being. We’re passionate about helping mothers thrive during this vulnerable time.

Mental Health Struggles
Mental Health Struggles
Depression and anxiety are the most common complications in pregnancy and postpartum, affecting 1 in 7 women.
Why do I need more care?
Why do I need more care?
The postpartum period is a critical time for mom. It’s an exciting time, but also can be very challenging and isolating, especially without support. Most mothers have to navigate the 4th trimester alone and don’t receive care until the traditional 6 week postpartum visit. Common postpartum complications include heavy bleeding, pain, fatigue, urinary incontinence and breastfeeding challenges. More serious complications which can be life-threatening include severe bleeding, high blood pressure and infection.
The Stark Reality
The Stark Reality
Insurance typically only covers one (1) routine postpartum visit at 6 weeks postpartum. More than half of pregnancy-related deaths occur between 7 days to 1 year after pregnancy.

What’s Included?

Our Nurses

Our nurses are Registered Nurses (RNs) trained and experienced in maternal health and wellness.  They have a unique set of skills and expertise to care for postpartum mothers.  They’re passionate about taking care of mothers in the 4th trimester.

We require our nurses to complete a background check and to maintain certifications in CPR and BLS.

Our RNs are not postpartum doulas.   RNs provide clinical care and doulas provide non-clinical care.


We come to you.  Our nurses will nurture and support you in the comfort of your home. 

  • Mama check – full body check-up, blood pressure check
  • Education about physical/mental recovery
  • Pregnancy complication and pain management
  • Chronic health management
  • Mood & emotional health check in – depression screening
  • Sleep & fatigue coping
  • Breastfeeding/Bottle-feeding support
  • Mother-baby adjustment
  • Emotional support
  • Referral to resources
  • And more

3 Nurse Home Care Visits:

  • Visits 1 & 2 – Within 10 days of delivery
  • Visit 3         – Within 30 days of delivery

The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG) recommends:

  • To optimize the health of women and infants, postpartum care should become an ongoing process, rather than a single encounter, with services and support tailored to each woman’s individual needs.
  • All women should ideally have contact with a maternal care provider within the first 3 weeks postpartum.

Source: Optimizing Postpartum Care | ACOG

Fee for Services

Our program is a self-pay service.  Insurance does not pay for postpartum nurse home care services.  Our program is the best investment for you, your baby and family.

$549 for 3 visits (summer special offer through 8/31/23)

  • Payable in advance of Visit 1
  • You may be able to pay with your FSA, HSA or HRA account

Suggestions to help pay for services:

  • If you’re planning to return to work, kindly ask your employer to make a contribution 
  • If someone wants to give you a shower or gift, kindly ask them to gift you with postpartum home care services.  They can purchase a giftcard.  Please call for information.
When and how to sign-up

It’s best to sign up for services between 28-30 weeks pregnancy, but it’s never too late.

Click the image below to sign up for services.Create your own 4TC account

What happens after sign-up
  • We’ll notify your provider’s office.
  • We’ll send you a medical records release form for your signature. This allows your provider’s office to release your medical records to us.  We cannot access your medical records without your permission.
  • A Mama Pal will check in on you.
  • After your delivery, your Mama Pal will contact you to schedule your nurse home care visits.  If you have any questions and concerns about this program, please contact your Mama Pal or 4TC at 844.923.4900.  Please do not contact your provider’s office with questions about the 4TC Postpartum Nurse Home Care program.
Communication with OB provider
  • We’ll call and speak with your provider as needed.
  • We’ll release your 4TC medical records to your provider’s office. Your OB provider will have your medical records before your routine postpartum visits at the office. 

Postpartum Nurse Home Care Services

$549 Special Offer

Includes 3 nurse home care visits and a *Mama Pal

Visits 1 and 2 – within 10 days after delivery

Visit 3 – 30 days after delivery

*Mama Pal will check in on you!

Home care visits are a self-pay option.

You may be able to use your FSA, HSA/HRA account.