What is postpartum corrective exercise?

Functional movements that teach you how to safely exercise for your recovery. Think about how your body has shifted and becomes unbalanced during pregnancy and postpartum. These movements help restore and rebalance your body to help improve function, posture, alignment, and optimal muscle activation.

Benefits of correct functional movements

  • Rebalances muscles that may have shifted during pregnancy
  • Reconnects muscles that may have torn or shifted during delivery
  • Builds strength, endurance, tone, flexibility and more
  • Applies movements into your daily fitness and self-care
  • Applies functional movements into daily mom life of bending, carrying, picking up
  • Helps prevent incontinence, prolapse, low back pain, core weakness, eases diastasis
Safely get back into fitness

Classes led by a Pre & Postnatal Corrective Exercise Specialist

Mamaste Fit & Flow Restore –  “Building Beyond the Bump” – 1st 6 weeks postpartum

Mamaste Strong – “Fit Beyond the Bump” – after 6 weeks postpartum (before 6 weeks only with signed consent from medical provider)

60 minute class with circle time

$25 fee

Classes limited to 5 participants