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We’re so happy you’re here. We support you with mom-centered postpartum care, focusing on education, physical wellness and mental health wellness. Our postpartum experts know what you need. No more guesswork. We keep it real.

Doing more for you

The 4th trimester is described as the 12 weeks after childbirth. It’s a demanding time when mothers are healing, adapting to a variety of physical, psychological and social changes, a new baby and a whole lot more. It’s a time when we need to do more for mothers, not less. That’s why we’re going beyond the 4th trimester and supporting you through the 1st year postpartum.

We believe

Mothers need and deserve more postpartum care. Just ask any mom. We believe more postpartum care is best for the long-term health and well-being of the mother, baby, family and community. We know that education and awareness make for better informed decisions.

We hope

We’re here to make some changes. We’re supporting all mothers with coordinated care to help with the transition to motherhood. We vow to advocate and empower moms to be their best self.

Get ready for the 4th trimester!

While childbirth is your rite of passage, postpartum is your journey for life. The 4th trimester may be more demanding on your body and mind than your pregnancy. That’s why nobody wants to talk about it. Yes, the transition to motherhood is beautiful and transformative, but it’s tough. Your body, mind and spirit are adjusting to the new you…a mother.

We know what you need

It’s all here!

What’s inside a Mama Empowerment Bundle?

Postpartum Planning

Is planning for postpartum really a thing?

Yes, it sure is.  Your life will change after the baby comes home.  We know that nobody may have told you about this.  Everyone’s busy getting ready for baby.  You already have the baby’s room ready, diapers, adorable onesies, baby gear and so much stuff.  What else is there to do?  Mama, we’ll help you plan for everything you’ll need to better transition into motherhood.  This is about first taking care of you and how a healthier you takes care of your family.

We have lots of helpful planning tips for your postpartum journey.  Learn about why it’s important to plan for postpartum recovery, helpful recovery checklists and more. 

Postpartum Reality

The real truth about your postpartum body and mind.

Too many moms come home and say, “Why didn’t anybody tell me about this?”   Not to worry, we’re here to tell you about it.  Our mama truths will open your eyes and better prepare you for your postpartum journey.  You need to remember that your body has gone through tremendous changes during pregnancy and it will continue to change after childbirth.  With knowing what to expect, you’ll be in a better place for a healthy recovery.

Naturally Holistic Care

Did you know that chiropractic care helps mom and baby?

Chiropractic care benefits during pregnancy:

  • Reduces pain and discomfort
  • Promotes optimal fetal positioning
  • Reduces labor time and discomfort
  • Promotes successful natural labor and delivery

Chiropractic care postpartum:

You’ll be doing a lot of holding, walking, sitting, bending, hunching, carrying, lifting which is hard on your tired body. Chiropractors guide you on the best body positioning to prevent injuries. They help correct postural issues to prevent neck pain, shoulder pain, back pain, pelvic pain, sciatica, even carpal tunnel syndrome. Without chronic pain, you’ll be in a better emotional state of mind.

Chiropractic care for baby:

What’s that?  Your baby’s journey into the world can be very traumatic too.  Very gentle chiropractic care can optimize your baby’s nervous system and help with many concerns like colic, sleep, breastfeeding, development and more.  So many benefits without using medications.

Pelvic Floor Awareness

Why is it important to take care of my pelvic floor?

Your medical provider may not mention your pelvic floor.  So, here it is.  Your pelvic floor is very important because it holds everything together.   Think about all the stretching, pulling and pressure that builds up in the pelvic area during pregnancy.  It’s for real.   A weak pelvic floor can cause health problems like urinary incontinence, painful sex, pelvic pain, prolapse and more.  It’s not just about doing kegel exercises.  The great news is that you don’t have to live with weak pelvic muscles.  You can get back a strong pelvic floor. 


Are you stressed?

We can’t imagine why.  Our holistic healer will guide you to reach peace and harmony. She’ll incorporate movement to your practice to heighten your awareness of your mind and body. With time, you will get a deeper sense of compassion, self-knowing and well-being to help bring you to your desired self. Your sense of calm will benefit you, your children and your family.  How bliss!

Breastfeeding Readiness 1st Week

What to expect your first week of breastfeeding.

There’s a lot of breastfeeding information out there and it can be overwhelming.  Know this.  Your body is on autopilot and is preparing for breastfeeding, but sometimes it may be difficult for a variety of reasons.  Some mothers need extra support and guidance for breastfeeding success. Don’t be hard on yourself.  With this class, you’ll feel more confident and prepared to breastfeed when you know what to expect in your first week.






Better Baby Sleep Success

Is there such a thing as better sleep? Yes!

We know that babies have unpredictable sleep patterns, but who can blame them?   They were warm and safe inside of you for 9 months, and now they’re out in the world.  

Learn about safe soothing techniques, baby sleep timelines, sleep rhythms and more.   Sweet dreams!

Mama Pal

All of this and a Mama Pal?

You bet!  Mama, it’s your time now too and you deserve a little help.  We want you to give yourself grace by accepting support.  It’s not a question of “Can I do this?”  It’s a declaration of “I can do this, but I can do it better with help!”  We want you to be able to ask for help and accept it without feeling inadequate or defeated.  You’re not meant to mother alone. Our Mama Pal will check in with you to offer support, guidance and help with whatever you need for you and your family’s health and wellness.  Think of your Mama Pal as your point of contact for everything postpartum.   We’re ready to listen to you.

Our Community lifts you up!

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Virtual interactive group classes to educate you about your postpartum journey. It’s better to know!


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Personal Attention

A Mama Pal is your health advocate and concierge.