Why infant massage?

Why not? The practice of massage aligns parent and child with both healthy emotional relationships and physical development. This special massage time is healing for both parent and child.

3 ways infant massage benefits parent and child


Current and ongoing research supports infant massage as an important aspect of bonding and attachment.  As you learn to receive your baby’s cues, a growing sense of safety, knowing and love develops between the two of you.

Relief & Relaxation

Soothing touch allows the nervous system to regulate.  Loving touch balances hormones and brings the body and mind into a greater state of ease. Many strokes will alleviate the physical discomforts of constipation, colic, sleep patterns, muscular and emotional tension and more.


The skin is the largest organ of the body.  Skin sensitivity is a function crucial for your child’s healthy development. Infant massage benefits the digestive, circulatory, nervous, lymphatic and the hormonal systems.

Bond with and calm your baby

Classes led by a Certified Infant Massage Instructor

5 class series

60 minutes per class

Special Holiday Sale – $179

Private session