A gift for baby and you

Breastfeeding offers many health benefits for infant and mother. Sometimes it’s not easy and it may be difficult for a variety of reasons. Some women need extra support and guidance for breastfeeding success. Don’t be hard on yourself.

Education is powerful

There’s a lot of breastfeeding information out there. Our Certified Lactation Consultant will talk about specific breastfeeding topics. If you’re experiencing breastfeeding challenges such as sore nipples, painful breasts, latching issues, milk supply, and more, it’s best to work one-on-one with a Certified Lactation Consultant. Reach out to us for help.

Included in Mama Empowerment Bundle

Breastfeeding & the First Week – Prenatal class

Learn what to expect in the first week postpartum while breastfeeding your new baby!

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How often should baby be eating? What is colostrum? When will my milk come in? Learn the answers to these questions and more! Feel confident during your first week postpartum as you breastfeed your new little one! You will leave this breastfeeding class feeling more prepared in your ability to breastfeed your baby!

8 Ways to Tell if Baby is Getting Enough Milk – best to take class after delivery

Learn how to be sure that your little one is getting enough milk!

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Sometimes it’s hard to be sure that baby is getting enough milk while breastfeeding since there is no meter on our breasts or babies to see exactly how much milk baby is eating at each feeding. This class will help you to feel confident in knowing that your baby is getting enough milk. You will learn 8 ways to be sure that your precious little one is getting enough milk, without needing to know exactly how much is eaten during each feeding! Get ready to have all your worries calmed and all your questions answered!