Sweet dreams

Newborns love to sleep but have unpredictable sleep patterns. Your newborn was safe and warm in your belly for 9 months and now they’re exposed to the world. It takes time for your baby to adjust and develop better sleep habits. Cherish this precious time to hold and bond with your baby.

Can I help my baby sleep better?

Our Certified Child Sleep Consultant will educate and suggest safe techniques to help you have better baby sleep success. Believe it or not, in the first few months of life, you can establish rhythms and routines that will help your baby learn to sleep better. There are soothing techniques to help your baby feel calm and secure resulting in better sleep. If sleep becomes an on-going concern, you can work with our Certified Child Sleep Consultant.

Get Better Baby Sleep Success today!

Class information:
30 minute class (includes Q&A)
$25 fee
Minimum – 5 people

Meet Val the Sleep Gal

Certified Child Sleep Consultant


Hi! I’m Val the Sleep Gal, but you can call me Val. I’m a Certified Child Sleep Consultant with the Family Sleep Institute, and a truth-telling mama of two. As a first time mom, I became so sleep-deprived I developed postpartum anxiety and depression, and, ironically, insomnia. Things got so bad I was scared to get behind the wheel.

Sleep is a science, and science is what my sleep solutions are based on. However, the service and support you’ll receive from me comes from a place of deep empathy. Parents, I have been in your shoes, I feel your struggle, and I’m here to tell you: it doesn’t have to be so hard. In fact, getting your child to sleep well is quite simple when you work with a professional who can educate, guide, and hold your hand along the way. Together we can get your child sleeping like a champ while instilling healthy sleep habits they’ll have for the rest of their lives.

What’s a better gift than that?