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It never too late to write about your birth story

They say that it’s important to write about your birth story. It can be healing in many ways. The most important part of your birth story is it’s your own story. Today, I reflect on my birth story of my beautiful daughter who was born 26 years ago. I do remember my birth, of course, but the details become fuzzier as the years go by.

Here’s my birth story. It was time. I felt scared, rushed, panicky and realized that the imminent was coming…more pain. I got to the office, and they told me to walk to room 8. I was doubled over in pain, barely breathing, and somehow made it to room 8. My midwife said, “Well, you’re at 8, so it’s time to go to the hospital now!” I’m thinking, “Transition!” They rushed me to L&D and all I wanted was my epidural. One hour later, my round-faced, head full of black hair baby girl was born! I got a gorgeous baby, but I never got my darn epidural. They didn’t tell me the second baby would go so fast.

Reflecting on my birth story today reminds me of what the number 8 means to me. In the Chinese culture, the number 8 is the luckiest number. The number 8 also symbolizes infinity and rebirth. I remember that my daughter’s favorite sea animal is the octopus – the intelligent 8-legged wonder. Hmmm. I can’t wait to see how the number 8 continues to show up in my life.

Write your birth story. A couple of resources to get you started:

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